• Animated Anatomy

    Animated Anatomy is a great software that makes books completely unnecessary. It fuses the step by step drawing of lessons on a blackboard with the quality of anatomical atlases! This has been proven to completely replace the books! Students have reported passing their exams after only 2-3 weeks of studying with Animated Anatomy. At the end you are supplied with well synced 3D anatomical models to get a great 3D understanding of important anatomical structures.

  • Animated Lessons

    No books and no 3D models without explanation. Just sit back, relax and watch it as if it's your favorite movie. Our animated lessons are a wonderful fusion of ability to illustrate and explain what is being illustrated. Animated Lessons are a true piece of art and you can see it for yourself. Our lessons come with well synced 3D models and a beautiful atlas that is created while drawing animated lessons. Basically, you can open our atlas and see all the images we made together in animated lessons.

  • 3D Anatomy

    After watching our lessons you can explore our 3D models to get the 3 dimensional understanding of the things you have learned. That way we replace the books completely. Models were developed using 3ds max and in close cooperation with medical experts. 3D anatomical models are constantly being updated as well as the animated lesson. They are easy to use with easy 3D movement and controls alivable. Seamless compatibility with all popular web browesers makes it easy to study it on any desktop computer. To run our 3D anatomy all you need to do is download the Unity player and the Flash Player for free.

  • Atlas

    Seems old fashioned, yet it's so advanced. Better understand the functional importance and clinical significance of each anatomical structure with our detailed illustrations that were created in our animated lessons. Our illustrations main function is to help you remember all the stuff you learned in our animated lessons. You are allowed to print these images for personal use. Images are very detailed and accurate. We update the software with new illustrations regularly as we create new animated lessons.

  • Pricing

    For only $19 you get a 30 days access to our software and all the new anatomy lessons we will release in the future. You will also be notified via e-mail about our future releases for biochemistry and you will also be provided with a bonus access to that too! We value your trust and guarantee you the quality.

  • Fahrice

    Fahrice from Graz, Austria, has worked on this software for over 4 years being the main illustrator and the designer. He has comitted himself to develop a way of studying without actually investing a lot of effort and time in order to understand and remember the content. 3D models alone do not replace the books nor give the information that is needed. Therefore animated lessons synced with 3D models fused to Animated Anatomy are wonderful way to study without actually reading. An Innovative software that offers 3D models and animated lessons is a true piece of art and one of its kind.

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INSTANT ACCESS + Upcoming And Future Anatomy Animations And Models


  • Our software includes nervous system anantomy. The nervous system is the part of  human body that coordinates the voluntary and involuntary actions of the human and transmits signals in the body. You can get a clear insight into every detail of human nervous system, structural neuroanatomy as well as functional neuroanatomy.

  • Our software also includes skeletal anatomy of the human body. Human skeletal system contains 300 bones right after the birth. Growing up, some bones fuse together and an average adult human has 206 bones in the body.  The human skeleton can be divided into the axial skeleton and the appendicular skeleton. The axial skeleton contains the vertebral column, the rib cage and the skull. The appendicular: pectoral girdles, the pelvic girdle and the bones of lower and upper limbs.

  • Our software also includes muscular system of human body. There are approximately 639 skeletal muscles in the human body. Each muscle in our software has its origin, insertion, function and innervation in detailed explained and illustrated. Muscles Detailed Muscle Origins Muscle Insertions Muscle functions Muscle Innervations

  • We constantly release new videos and create new models! At this moment we are adding videos from inner organs anatomy and once you buy our software you will have a granted access to it. There is no reason to wait any longer. Get your copy and see you on the other side!


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